The Thanksgiving Post

Ahhhh, Thanksgiving. Ahhhh, the holiday season for that matter! How wonderful this time when everyone is of good cheer and friends and family are all around, with memories and laughter just waiting to be had. Also waiting to be had, of course, is food- alllllllll the food. And while I was not going to write a post on this topic, I couldn't help but do just that after seeing some of the talk around social media about Thanksgiving Day.

Speaking of social media, this post was actually inspired when I saw the meme below. 

This is labeled on the internet as "Don't Be Like Sarah."

This is labeled on the internet as "Don't Be Like Sarah."

Don't be like Sarah. Huh. If Sarah doesn't want to eat the gluten, why is that frowned upon? What if Sarah has celiac? What if Sarah simply doesn't want to eat the gluten because it doesn't make her feel good? What if Sarah, like myself and millions of other women and men, are suffering from or recovering from an eating disorder? 

When I found this image, it had hashtags accompanying it ranging from "vegan" and "pretentious" to "know-it-all" and many more. Again, I find myself asking why stating that you are gluten-free makes you anything but gluten-free. Actually, I find myself questioning why being gluten-free would make anyone anything...or why it would even come up for that matter.

Going into my first Thanksgiving sans an eating disorder and excited to eat and drink and be merry, only to see things like this, makes me so sad. If, at any Thanksgiving before this someone had questioned or commented on my eating, I would probably have wept in secret. If someone had questioned me when grabbing a roll because they thought I was "gluten-free," I would have put it back. Then binged on them later. Then maybe made myself sick.

While this may seem like an extreme case, it is reality, and it made me want to offer a simple reminder: Focus on what Thanksgiving is about: Giving thanks. This holiday is meant to enjoy extra time with our loved ones. This holiday is meant to express gratitude. This holiday is meant for EATING- whatever that may be you choose to eat or not eat. Focus on the joy, the good feelings, and YOUR food. You never know how one little comment can affect someone. 

So, overall, I hope you all have a wonderful day. I hope and pray that you get to eat whatever you damn well want to and feel so f*cking good about it. I hope that you get to be so wrapped up in having fun that you don't even have time to count the calories on your plate, or to notice what others are eating. I hope you have an amazing day, and for the record: I am thankful for all of you.

With love and all of the gratitude,


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