Why Matcha (Over Coffee)?

The almond milk iced matcha latte from my fave Cafe in Brighton (Cafe Nation).

The almond milk iced matcha latte from my fave Cafe in Brighton (Cafe Nation).

Ahhhh, how I look forward to my morning matcha everyday. Whether it be homemade or from a Cafe in the city, matcha lattes (almost always iced) are my new caffeinated muse, and wow am I glad I found it! Why? Well...

Once upon a time (from age 13 until last year), I was "reliant" on coffee. I felt like I couldn't begin my day without it, an errand with friends was pointless without a stop for it, and my routine just didn't feel the same if I didn't start at Starbucks. In other words: I was mentally and physically addicted. Last year, however, I started to have some bad acid reflux and incessant stomach aches. Since this made me exhausted, I drank even more coffee, which is when I realized that my favorite drink might be the culprit of said stomach issues. So I decided to do a 3 day detox of sorts. 

To avoid digressing too much from the green topic at hand, I will sum those 3 days up with the words: headache, exhaustion, and brain fuzz. But then, day 4 happened. On day 4, I felt amazing. I had no stomach issues, my mind was clear, and I was not tired. As the days went on, even when I was so tempted to stop for a Venti cold brew purely out of ritual, I did not give in. And so my amazing digestion, mental clarity, and focus withstood.

After a week or so without much caffeine, I decided I missed having a drink as a part of my morning ritual, and would opt for some tea. After going through just about every type of tea there is and not liking any of them, however, I discovered matcha, and the love affair has been going on ever since. 

Matcha's caffeine, unlike coffee, gives me energy steadily throughout the day. I don't get an instant case of the jitters that would literally cause me anxiety, nor do I have a "come down" around 2 pm. I feel great, I only want/"need" one a day, I have a fun and delicious beverage for the morning, and my stomach is just oh so happy.

So, if you have ever considered cutting out the coffee, I highly suggest trying matcha, or any other tea that you might like. If you have any questions on it, need help with matcha recipes, or need someone to talk to while giving up the beloved coffee, shoot me a message!

Till then, I wanna know:

What is your fave morning drink?

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