My Workouts At the Moment (And How I Choose Them)

It's funny. Growing up a soccer player and an athlete, I used to HATE fitness (like, even just the warm up jog around the field would get me in a frenzy). Now, ironically, I use my college "preseason fitness packet" on my own for fun...which got me thinking, and led to this post.

I often get asked about what workouts I do, how I like them, and whether or not the person who is asking me should try it. People must see my Instagram stories, where I am rushing excitedly to my workouts, or dancing and being in the highest of spirits after, and think "Damn, I have to find out what she is doing. It" And therein lies the secret, my friends. To choose my workouts I simply ask myself two questions: 1) Will this make me feel good today and 2) Is it going to be fun?

There was once a time at the beginning of my "journey" when working out happened once (maybe twice) a day-no matter what. I would run and run and run. I would do treadmill sprints and I would run in the snow (I am not a big cold weather runner...). I would workout extra if I felt as though I overate, or if I was going out for drinks...and I sure as hell wouldn't skip a morning workout-especially if I had gone out for dinner.

After time, mediation, and self exploration, I realized that I was working out in place of feeling my emotions. I would workout if I was sad, if I was angry, if I was hungry. If there was an emotion, I would workout to avoid "overwhelm" and anxiety. Now, you may not view this as a problem, but it is when you cannot even enjoy the day unless an intense workout is part of the routine. We are meant to feel our emotions; let them pass through us so we learn and so they can disapate.

Working out is (obviously) amazing for us, but not at the cost of needing it for happiness.

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We won't get too much into my spiritual journey as you either know it by now or will read it in upcoming posts, but as I began to love myself more and more, I began to allow myself to do workouts that reflected that. Now,  if I want to sprint, I sprint. If I want to go for a leisurely stroll, you better believe I'm strolling.

I can truly say the reason I workout now is simply to make me happy. I can smile during a "climb" at Soul Cycle and dance on my bike, where once I was viewing it as "punishment" of sorts; doing it in the hopes of getting skinnier. I can now walk without feeling like I "should be running." I can now just not workout at all, and lay in bed with my girlfriend without feeling like I am crawling out of my skin due to anxiety. It's effing awesome

As for my workouts at the moment.... you probably won't be surprised by the first two, though the third is my newest fitness obsession. As my life usually goes, I always have walking and yoga in the rotation, then some form of HIIT class or track workout just to work my body a little bit harder (I still love the feeling of pushing myself-again, because it is fun and makes me feel badass).


1. Long walks. If it is a walking day, I will strive for over 10k, but I am not addicted to the number. Some days it ends up being 7,000 and some days it ends up being 20,000. As long as I got some fresh air and some movement, the walk was good enough for me. There is definitely something to be said about listening to a podcast you love and taking in the surroundings.

2. Yoga. Literally no more need be said.

3. Barry's Bootcamp. As I said, I almost always have a "more intense" workout in the weekly schedule. Usually, I will go once a week, because that is definitely enough for me. I give my workout every last thing I've got, and leave it all on the treadmill. For that reason, I personally don't love doing workouts like this more than once or twice a week, as it burns out the energy I need for other things I want to do! Again, though, there really is nothing like getting your butt handed to you and sweating it out every once in awhile.

So there you have it folks! I would love to hear what workouts you love at the moment, and as always will gladly chat and/or answer any questions you may have.



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