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Ahhh, a New Year! The excitement of a new beginning and the relief of being able to leave what is no longer serving us in the chapter(year) coming to a close.  As of late, I have been hearing more and more about how resolutions and goals tend to "fail" and how people seemingly always go back to their "old ways."  This had me recapping on my New Years past and what I intend to change. 

In the past, the end of December came with a huge sense of excitement; a fresh start at doing everything I wanted to do and leading the life of my dreams. Usually, for me, that meant losing weight- whether I even "needed" to or not. Come January 1, I would plan to eat "clean" (aka less), give up sweets during the week, workout everyday, not go out(aka not have fun), etc. In turn, I would pretty much eat like it was going out of style and drink excessively  "because it was the holidays" and because I would be "starting fresh" on the 1st. Also because of that, I set myself up for failure for two reasons:

1. I was setting a goal and a plan. The moment that plan inevitably veered even slightly off course, or I do not reach said goal by a self-set time, my morale and inspiration and spirit were gone, causing me to give up. Sometimes, even if I stayed on track for awhile, my subconscious and old habits would win over the "new me" and eventually take over, whether I realized it or not. A goal has an end, and plans have detours.

*Don't get me wrong, goals are great for work or for meeting deadlines, but our lives aren't work, and there should never be a deadline on our happiness.*

2. I continued to allow the habits and thoughts and feelings, whether good or bad, to stay with me right up until 11:59 on New Year's Eve. Not only that, but like I said, I would even be extreme in these habits I wanted to change (overeating, for example), which does not set anyone up for success.

This year, I have the knowledge and the capability of kicking ASS in 2018 with two strategies, contrast to the two above, that will lead me, and you,  to an ideal year.

1. I am setting an intention, a value, or a feeling. As I mentioned, goals and plans will never be concrete. Because life is amazing and ever changing, it becomes difficult to stick to a plan. Not only that, but it can cause stress around what is supposed to be a new and exciting change and adventure! Rather than setting an end goal and a plan to get there, I am striving for attaining an everlasting value or feeling. For example, when it comes to food and my weight, my intention or value surrounding this subject is simply "peace." Allowing myself to feel peace around food is available to me in any situation, at any time, and no matter what I am eating or doing. Peace is not an end goal that I will or will not reach; rather a feeling I can cultivate and have forever-something that will change my year and life for the best.

2. I have been practicing holding the values and feelings I wish to experience, and acting as I would at the end of the year. Rather than allowing myself to feel a way I do not want to feel, or thinking thoughts I do not want to think just because I can until January 1, I have been acting how I want to act and being how I want to be, regardless of it is how I am feeling at the moment. I mean, think about it: Why would you keep thinking about bad thoughts until you are going to change? Why binge eat or eat an excess of sugary treats until you are going to start eating salads (this is slight sarcasm as I believe in balance, but its literally something I had done in the past)?  We have the power RIGHT NOW to start experiencing the "new us." Start thinking thoughts that make you happy. Start practicing balance. Start being who you will be at the end of 2018. Plan on owning your own business by the end of the year? Act like a BOSS. Plan on being a motivational speaker? Talk often, and as such. Want to have a loving relationship with food and your body? LOVE THEM BOTH!


So there you have it my loves! I hope this is useful for anyone going into the New Year feeling a little lost or unsure. We have the power to make every moment, everyday, every month and every year the BEST  yet, so let's DO IT!

Happy 2018 my babes!



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