Self-Love: More Than Face Masks and Bubble Baths

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Face masks, bubble baths, chocolate, yoga, sleep, movement, telling yourself you're beautiful: These are not only some of the most important ways we can practice self-care and self-love, but also the most buzzed about, photographed, and talked about. 

Today, as I am sitting in my PJs and allowing myself to lay in my bed before my first ever Yoga Nidra workshop, I had the realization that THE most important self-caring, life changing practice is hardly ever talked about (if at all). What is that practice? Facing our sh*t. This practice is the practice of experiencing discomfort-experiencing sadness and loneliness and anxiety- and not running from it. This is the practice of letting dis-ease be, letting it take over; allowing it, then releasing it.

In this day and age, we are busy, busy , busy. We are made to believe that if we are not happy, (or at least not too busy to think about not being happy) then something is wrong, and we should take action. Well, while being happy as much as possible (or being in alignment) is definitely the goal (obviously), I truly believe and KNOW from experience that we need to face emotions, feelings, thoughts, and false beliefs when they arise to find true happiness and presence. When you get that pit in your stomach out of nowhere, or when you feel sad, or when you feel anxious, or you feel off... what do you do? Do you sit down and journal about said anxiety and sadness and overwhelm and angst while trying to feel in the body where it was stored to then figure out the experience that created said feelings and emotions to FINALLY release them? This is a general assumption, but I am going to guess the answer is "NOPE."  Instead, we watch a show, go for drinks, hangout with people to take our mind off of it, eat, run it off, watch Netflix, etc. Now, all of these are great activities...when they aren't acting as buffers; when they aren't being done or watched or used to not feel something. Isn't it interesting that of all the things we learned and are learning regarding our health, we are never really taught to deal with our limits and our sad, less than wanted feelings? Are we ever really taught how to go towards our discomfort, so that we can become one with it to allow it to dissipate? Or are we literally taught to "grin and bear it"; to forcefully go about our lives with pain or unease. I think, unfortunately, more of the latter.

So I am here to help you call yourself out. I am here to help you feel comfortable with acknowledging when you try to run from something and instead loving yourself enough to deal with it. To cry in yoga class because you're allowing a repressed memory to come up. To forgive that person who hurt you all of those years ago because if you don't, you will never heal. To look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself how damn beautiful you are. I am here to tell you that life is not always roses and that is okay, because sometimes the weeds help you to create the most beautiful and versatile garden.

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We don't have to be scared of the perceived pain, but we do have to be scared of living with it forever.

Once we understand we are the pain, we are all of these emotions that were simply created by our past, we can love them and ourselves...then release it all. Allow. Face it. Feel it. Let it take you over. Understand it. Understand yourself. Then

For so long I was feeling stuck in life. I was confused and knew that I had far more to give, far more to do, SO much life to be had! I was tired of feeling indecisive and as though my life was in the hands of circumstance and others. I wanted freedom and fun and JOY and abundance. And so now whatever path will lead me to that alignment is the one I take. I talk to my Life Coach every single week and she helps me get to the root of, understand, and release stuck energy and feelings. I Coach myself on using the Law of Attraction to then focus that extra energy on more of what I want. More abundance, less lack. More smiling, less worry. More self-love, less self doubt. 

We cannot attract what we want in our lives while trying to bypass what we don't want. Fighting how we feel will only bring more fight, more resistance. The more we melt it all away, the more space we have for peace and allowance-allowance of what we want and what will serve our souls.

Whether you want to get rid of the old or simply focus on the new, I would love to be a part of your journey. If you are called to change, to talking to someone who can help you make the moves needed for you to live your best life, I would love to chat. Shoot me an email, setup a call with me, and lets get you to caring for yourself...aka changing your world.

Namaste loves,


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