Forcefully taking action. To-Do lists. Planning every moment of the future, yet not living in the present. So how are we supposed to rejuvenate? How can we replenish our souls and energy and Life Force and JOY if we are not tapped in and tuned into what is being flowed to us? How are we to RECEIVE what we want and have asked the Universe/God for, if we are not aware enough to get it?

As an extremely high energy, action oriented person, getting into the "receiving mode" (aka sitting back, allowing, and patiently waiting for what I have manifested to become physical) is not easy for me. On the same token, relaxing in general is not easy for me, and when I experience energetic "come downs," I fight it rather than going towards it, rather than just letting it be. Even when I am feeling depleted (which in turn tends to make me sad because I think that this is a "wrong" feeling), I try to take action...even if something doesn't feel right.

Today, however, was different. On this Saturday, I decided to turn off my alarm and allow myself to sleep in rather than go out in the negative degrees to a workout class. Today, I mediated for 21:1 minutes (1's are a sign of Spiritual Guidance so I heart them). I made a matcha and ate breakfast and lit a candle. I have read, scrolled through Instagram, done a face mask, and relaxed. As I type this it is 1 pm (weird-those 1's- I told ya!) and I have also eaten lunch and a snack. I feel no need to workout yet, nor put pants on for that matter, though if I start to feel as though I want to then I will. I plan on turning inwards today, to think about and feel all of the things I want. I will go on Pinterest and look at the places I want to go, and the home decor I want in my future apartment. I will allow myself to be suuuuper happy and calm and open, so that the Universe can see I am ready for what I have manifested. I will feel gratitude and write it down. I will scribble down affirmations (I usually do over 50) and dance and do yoga alone in my roomie in my underwear (told you I wasn't wearing pants).

You see, the more we fight what is flowing to us, the more we physically deplete ourselves and spiritually "blind" ourselves, making it impossible to get what we want!! If, however, we can relax and be patient; If we can feel how we would feel as though all of our dreams have already come true, then that is when our magic will happen.


So this weekend, or next weekend, or every day...start practicing the art of "allowance." Go with the flow. Allow people to speak their truth without reacting, no matter how different it is from yours. Rest. SMILE. Eat. Drink water. Watch Netflix. Write. Cry. Run. Do WHATEVER you need to do to simply let

I hope you all are having a lovely weekend and as always I am here to chat about any and all of this! Happy Saturday babes!



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