Vision Boards: Not Just For January 1!


After posting my Vision Board for 2018, I got sooo much feedback and so many questions that I figured I would do a quick Vision Board 101! Before I get into the tips, I just want to let you know that a Vision Board can be made ANY time, not just on January 1! It is also a great activity to do with kiddos, with friends, or with yourself- whatever floats ya boat.  

Vision boards are magnificent for helping you to make a dream reality. The more you see and get excited about a vision; the more you begin to think and feel as though it will be reality- the more it will physically manifest! Now lets get to the basics though, shall we?

1. Have a vision. Okay so I laughed out loud as I typed this, but it really is IMPORTANT and many people get caught up in the excitement of making the board before having their clear vision. Before you start to get materials and printing pictures, sit down and reeeallly think about what you want from the coming year/for your future . Meditate on it. Breathe into it. Go on Instagram and find pictures and places that appeal to you. Think about the past year. Get excited and as clear as possible with your vision-the more detail, the easier it will be to manifest ;)

2. Clear your space. Again, before going to get the vision board goods, there is another crucial step- and that is clearing your space. If you plan to do your board in your room, clean it up, light some candles or Palo Santo, and get the vibes going. For that matter, do that wherever you plan on making it-- feel good about where you are making it. Invite people you feel good about making it with. The space and energy in which you create will reflect what you, well, create...

3. Prepare to shop. Okay ONE more thing before going out for supplies, and that is to have your photos and phone ready. The most asked question I got about my vision board was where I got all of the beautiful photos, and the answer is Pinterest. Yes, I scrolled and scrolled and found photos that spoke to me, then saved the images and printed them at CVS. I also bought magazines, though I did not find as many useful images or quotes. So have some photos ready and go to where you think would have magazines compatible with your board.

4. Okay, NOW go get supplies! While you can totally get a plain poster board or a big frame, I wanted to get creative, so I went to a few different places to find a board that would work, and found mine at Home Goods. Find a board that fits your vibe, then get markers and clothes pins and tape and scissor sand whatever else you may need. Again, think ahead, so that you can be fully stocked and ready once you get in the vision board making groove!

5. Set yourself up for FUN. What will make you in the BEST mood while making your board? Think about all five senses, and what would appeal to them to get you in the mood and vibration that will match everything on your board! For me, this meant a matcha, a cookie scented candle, my comfiest sweater (and no pants-duh), and the Lumineers. I got in the flow, was feeling alllll sorts of good, and created my vision.

6.Put it somewhere you will see EVERY morning. The more you see the board, the better. Whether it be on your dresser, next to your bed, or hanging on the wall- put it somewhere you will see it in the morning so you can be excited about them, and feel the energy of them all day!


So there ya have it! I hope this was helpful and if anyone has any extra tips or questions, please comment them below! :)


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