What Do You Want?

What do you want?

Have you asked yourself that lately? Have you checked in with yourself to see if your life is what you want it to be? If not, you should :)

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A few weeks ago, I found myself watching a Tony Robbins video on YouTube, which started off with him asking if we even know what we want. In that moment, I realized the answer (in a broad sense) for me, was no. I mean, I generally know that I want to have money and be successful and be on the stage with Oprah one day…but DAMN, how basic and unspecific.

What did I want?

And so, right then and there, I sat down and listed what I wanted. And yesterday, I sat down and wrote a 6 Month Intention & Manifestation plan that I will now check-in with often, because if we don’t know what we want, if we aren’t crystal clear on our goals and intentions and wants, how are we supposed to be the person that allows all of that in? How is our brain supposed to know what to look for in our day to day lives to match our intentions and wants? How is the Universe supposed to give us what we want if WE don’t even know!?

The next chance you get, sit down and write down what you want. Sometimes, we are right on the money and right on the path to what we want. Sometimes -and don’t get too upset if this happens- we aren’t even close. Either way, be happy with where you are at and be glad you checked in with yourself. Make checking in with yourself a habit. What do I want right now? What do I want to do? How and who do I want to be? Am I on the right path? Am I attracting what I want in? If not, how can I change to do so and be so?

What do you want?

-sending clarity,


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You Can't Be Who You Want To Be, Until You Start Being Who You Want To Be