You Can't Be Who You Want To Be, Until You Start Being Who You Want To Be

It’s funny. For so long, I have known EXACTLY who I want to be: A public speaker, a Life Coach with a booming business, a “famous'“ blogger. I have know that and wanted that for quite some time, yet do know what I haven’t been doing? BEING that person.

For the past few years, I have not been being the girl that is all of the above. I have not allowed myself to push through resistance, or in other words, push through fear. I have not dedicated my time to doing things that would change me or doing things that scare the shit out of me. I have been chillin’ hard in my comfort zone. And I am now telling you, as I have finally stepped into the role of being who I want to be and who I really AM, that yes- it can be fun- but it will also be extremely uncomfortable.

Now, I know you have probably heard a lot of people say all of the things I am saying right now, but as I talk a lot about the Law of Attraction and getting into the flow and not forcing things, I wanted to be sure to say that you will still be DOING things- you will still be taking inspired action as you step into the next part of your life and evolution.

So what does this look like? This looks like acting on EVERY single impulse you get, and noticing when your mind tries to talk you out of it. There are two voices that we hear, and that give us “advice”. One, is the voice of our Intuition, the representative of the Universe telling us which path to take. The other is fear, or the ego. How can you clearly distinguish the difference? The Intuition NEVER speaks from a place of fear, doubt, negativity, or judgement. It will gently tell you to do something, simultaneous to giving you a physical urge to do that. That is the Intuition. It feels like fun and excitement and…it feels RIGHT. Now, directly after that, what I was doing and a lot of us do, is that we allow the ego to take over and override the amazing inspired idea, and in turn talk us out of doing things. This is when we become physically uncomfortable, anxious, sad, etc-when we disconnect with our True voice and our path-when we do not allow ourselves to evolve into who we are becoming.

So for me, becoming a public speaker and Life Coach who talks in front of thousands of people probably doesn’t mean watching 4 hours of Netflix a day. It probably does not mean writing a post here and there, posting a picture on IG once in awhile, only releasing a podcast episode every few weeks. It means bursting through the resistance my fear has created. It means consistently showing up and creating content and helping people and telling my story and the story of others and sharing all of my knowledge and experience. It means reaching out to everyone I know and every single place that puts on events to see if they need a speaker or want to do an event. It means caring so much about my life that I don’t give a fuck if I am rejected because at least I am trying. That is what it means. It means getting uncomfortable and scared…but EXCITED. It means truly LIVING- living big.

Me leading my most recent Meditation Workshop at the Eat ReWild festival in MA.

Me leading my most recent Meditation Workshop at the Eat ReWild festival in MA.

Nothing good happens from comfort zones, I can promise you that- and just for the record: happiness and comfortable are NOT the same thing.

So, ask yourself, are you being who you want to be, who you know you are, who you know you can be? Start to tap into the fear. Start to dip your toes into the water of uncertainty. The Universe is with you. Your Intuition will guide you. You have everything you need inside of you.

Fucking go for it.

-talk soon,


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