USING The Law Of Attraction

After Lyndsay and I left Massachusetts in pursuit of California, warm weather, experiences, and a new life, I felt like I was on Cloud 9. I was scared af, but so excited for what the trip and our move would bring. As time went on, however, and as money started to deplete, I fell back into my old ways of worrying, doubting, not being present, experiencing extreme anxiety, taking forceful action, and just feeling hopeless. It was like when we started to travel everything I knew and had been practicing for months (regarding the LOA and manifesting) went right out the window. I allowed old thoughts that were not serving me to creep back in. I allowed old ways of living and being that were not good for me to creep back in. I went right back to square 1.

When we finally reached California, I started to feel like myself again. I started to remember that I am in control of how I think and how I feel, and in turn, directly in charge of my reality! I get to decide how I want to feel. I get to decide what my life will be like. I am affecting my world, not vice versa. My power started to come back. I started to meditate regularly again. I started to journal my fears and what was holding me back again. I started to cry and cry and release all the emotional baggage I had placed on myself. And more importantly, I started to trust The Universe again. I started to have complete and utter faith in God again.

All of this led me to wanting to write this post on how to USE the Law of Attraction and “how to manifest” because if I could use a refresher, I am sure you could too! Most of us have heard of these ideas and principles by now (if not, check out my podcast because that is what it is all about), but are we actually putting them to use? Are we allowing ourselves to fully release our desires out into the Universe and KNOW that they will come to us, with the ONE caveat of making sure we are allowing ourselves to be joyful and in the flow? Even if you are unsure if you believe in all of this or not, why not still allow yourself to be more happy? Realistically, all of this is a win-win.

So, here is a highly summarized “How-To” on Using the Law of Attraction to Manifest what you want.

Step 1: Know what you want. Know.What.You.Want. What do you want? What EXACTLY do you want? As I said in my last post, we so often don’t even check in with ourselves to see if we even know what we are wanting, then are confused when the obscure “it” doesn’t come!

Step 2: Write it down. Type it out. Print out a photo. Put it elsewhere besides just your mind. See the words on the page of what you want to manifest. Let your brain stare at the words or numbers or images, and let it understand what it should be looking for and allowing into your reality.

Step 3: Visualize and FEEL the Manifestation. See the emphasis on the “feel”? FEELING the manifestation while you visualize is what is going to attract it, not just once in a while thinking “getting that car would be cool.” How would it feel to drive that car? How would it feel to be holding hands with your soul mate? How would it feel to receive that check in the mail? Probably super awesome I would assume! So FEEL that. Let it flow through your body! Get EXCITED about it. Get happy and pumped up WHILE you visualize.

*Your mind will tell you it’s “too hard” to visualize and feel something you don’t have already-but that’s BS. Your mind is looking out for you, and you can thank it for that, but sit still and really allow yourself to picture and feel whatever it is you want.

Step 4: Release attachment and outcome to the Universe. Now you’re probably thinking “Well WTF, Case?! You tell me to do all of these steps yet I am not supposed to think about it all the time? I am not supposed to try to figure out how to get it? I am not supposed to have a backup plan in case it doesn’t happen"?” Hard no. Know what you want then release it to Source or God or whatever you want to call the greater Energy that created our world. Detach from the outcome. Release all expectation or resistance. The Universe now KNOWS what you want, and knows the feeling of that. It also knows the easiest most fun path to get that (or something even better!) to you. So once you release it out into the Universe all you have to do next is…

Step 5: Get really effing happy and go with the flow. Like I said in Step 4, I know you are probably thinking “Ya. Okay. Let me just think about what I want and then go to the beach. Pffffftttt.” Step 4 and 5 can be the hardest part of this equation, because our mind’s job is LITERALLY to figure out problems and protect us from harm and present the negative “What If’s". But like I said, there is quite literally an energy that created this world that is all-knowing and ever present that now knows what you want and can give it to you in the best manner for you. You essentially have a magic genie, who hears your command and is saying to you “I hear you. Your wish is my command. All you have to do now is be a match to what is waiting for you.” This is where the happiness comes in. Clear your mind, clear your doubt, and have fun. Do your thing. And when you are having fun and doing your thing and get an intuitive hit to do something, DO IT. Because when these little inspirational hits of “do this” or “go there” start to happen, the momentum in your life will start to gather. Your vibration will start to get higher, and before you know it, ahhhhh. The magic happens. The magic. Happens.

So. There you friggen have it! A quick little tutorial on how to manifest and use the Laws of The Universe to your advtange! Should you have trouble with this -limiting beliefs holding you back, fear, resistance- I am always available for assistance via Coaching OR you can join my course that will be releasing November 5, 2018 by clicking the link below.

Happy Manifesting, my friends! :)

My most recent manifestation- moving to the dream town I visited 2 years ago and knew I would want to live in one day :)

My most recent manifestation- moving to the dream town I visited 2 years ago and knew I would want to live in one day :)


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