Happy Holidays, my friends! I hope you had the most beautiful Thanksgiving, and are enjoying the beginning of the holiday season! As you may already know, I am sliiiightly (extremely) obsessed with Christmas... so needless to say I am feeling pretty joyful these days!

But this post is not simply to spread some holiday cheer. Today, I wanted to write because there is a topic that has been on my mind a LOT lately-a topic I have been practicing that I wanted to share with you.

That topic is surrender

In this day and age, our society has become fraught with anxiety, stress, and confusion. People are feeling like their lives are out of control. People feel lost. People: work jobs they hate, don't have enough money, don't listen to their bodies, don't live in good health, and spend many days unhappy.

I was one of those people for quite some time.

Then, I realized that an immense amount of the [energy called] anxiety I was experiencing occurred when I was "trying" to do something, or telling myself I "should" do something, or that I "had to" be someone, or "needed" to eat healthier. I realized that SO much of our pain, stress, fear, all comes from the resistance to SURRENDERING.

In this day and age, we swim upstream without a paddle. We try and try and try SO hard, and seek solace and happiness in places, people, and things to no avail. 


But what if we were willing to surrender?

Every single person on this Earth came into their physical body and into their life with a PURPOSE- a specific purpose. This purpose is made clear to us by what we are ENTHUSIASTIC* about - what brings us joy. You see, we are MEANT to be happy, and we are meant to do what we love. It should be so simple, shouldn't it?

But what happens for a lot of us, is that we stop checking in with our Self (note that capital S). We stop tuning into our connection to an energy that is greater (God, The Universe, Source-whatever you would like to call it). We stop following our intuition which is pulling us in the direction of what we love, what we would excel at, and what are MEANT to do!

What happens for a lot of us, is that we EXPECT so much. What happens for a lot of us, is that we forget that the most important thing we can pray for is the greater good for all. What happens to a lot of us, is that we get so focused on what we don’t have, that we do not even recognize what we DO.

This is when we experience discomfort.

And so I ask you to join me in practicing the art of surrendering. Allow yourself to surrender, a little bit everyday, into who you are meant to be. Meditate and clear your mind, then follow what feels GOOD for you. Practice doing what you WANT to do, rather than what the mind says you “should” do. You see, that greater energy that creates worlds that I mentioned earlier knows exactly what we want deep down, and knows exactly who we are meant to be, and we are CONNECTED to that greater energy…if we allow ourselves to be!

Can you allow yourself to surrender to happiness?

Can you allow yourself to pray for mankind rather than for a raise?

Can you focus your energy on good and fun and joy and bliss and ease and your connection to The Universe and those around you?

Can you feel the abundance?

Throw your hands up and say you surrender- and MEAN IT. Give yourself a day to surrender. What does it look like for you? How GOOD does it feel not to “should” yourself or “TRY” really hard? What does it feel like to take an art class because you always wanted to, even though it’s scary? What does it feel like to not eat when you are feeling sad, and instead surrender to an emotion so that it can be felt and go away? What does it feel like to feel ease instead of “grind”?

What does it feel like for you to surrender?

It’s time you find out.

Happy letting go, loves.


*The word enthusiastic comes from the Greek word “enthuous” which means “To be possessed by a God.” In other words? When you feel enthusiastic, that is you allowing the Greater Energy to flow through you! When you feel enthusiastic, that is when YOU are fulfilling your purpose. Enthusiastic is how we are MEANT to feel.

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