Top Tips For Entrepreneurs

For the past 9 months, I have officially been my own boss.

I quit my full-time job, trusted my Intution, and followed my dreams. While it has been the most amazing time of my life- I have traveled the country and moved to a new state, learned more about myself than ever before, gotten to the best place I have ever been in my relationship- it has also, by far, been the hardest.

There have been more panic attacks in the night than I can count on one hand. There were fights with my girlfriend in the beginning, when I took my lack of fulfillment out on her. There have been days when I have walked ten miles because nature and air were the only thing thats soothed my anxiety. But now I know. Now I know what some KEY pointers are for entrepreneurs that I wish I had known when I left my job.

I am glad to share these tips with you, in the hopes to help alleviate the stress that bombarded me on my first day of trying to figure out how the eff to work effectively on my own. Let’s get to them!

  1. Have a part-time job or volunteer gig. Now, you may be thinking “The WHOLE point of having my business and being an entrepreneur is to NOT have to work for someone else, why would I want another job!?” Let me tell you. Have you ever heard the quote “The idle mind is the devil’s play thing?” Ya…well I learned that the hard way. When you are alone all day everyday, faced with all the time in the world and so many things to do that you can’t even decide what to do first, it can be daunting. I say this not to scare you, but to keep it real! I myself just got a part-time job because I needed something to keep me sane! What you may not realize when you first leave your full-time job is just how much you will miss the community and connection of seeing other humans (that you know-not coffee shop strangers) everyday. Pick something you love and that you will enjoy doing! For example, I LOVE working out, so I recently got a job at a chain fitness studio! Will it be cool to have extra money coming in? Duh! But even more so, it is a way to keep myself out there, not let the voices in my head be my only friends (or foes…), and as an added bonus- it’s exposure for your business and an opportunity to talk about what you do!

  2. Save up before you quit. I definitely took one for the team on this one, because I did NOT save very much before I gave my notice, but at least now I can share with you my mistake. TBH, I thought I was going to be a manifesting MASTER, who could just POOF! make money appear out of thin air. What I didn’t understand, was that when you don’t have much money, it’s harder to have an abundant mindset and feel comfortable! If you want to get out of your job soon, I get it- but I will tell you that for most people, the path of least resistance is to stay that extra month and rack up your savings account that much more. Allow yourself to find your alignment and stay just a little longer at your job before you take the leap. Having the extra few Ks will be worth it. $$$

  3. Have a consistent yoga and exercise routine. Aside from movement being vitally important for the health of your physical body, it is CRUCIAL that you have a consistent yoga and workout routine for your MENTAL state as well! Sign up for classes on Sundays so that you take the guess work out of what you will do, or set a routine where you walk in nature EVERY morning for 30 minutes, an hour, etc. Similarly, sign up for yoga classes at the beginning of the week, find your favorite teachers, and get into a groove with yoga. While I am a SUCKER for a 6 mile walk in nature or a kickass HITT class, yoga is also a NECESSITY, because it allows you to connect your mind, body, Spirit, and watch the thoughts and stories in your head without attaching to them. Obviously, the stretching and taking care of your physical body is also a crucial reason to making yoga a norm.

  4. Have a consistent (KEYWORD: CONSISTENT) meditation practice. If you listen to my podcast or follow me on Instagram, you know how I feel about meditation. Why it is important is a post in and of itself, but to sum it up: It helps ground you, it helps connect you to Source, it helps get your brain out of the “fight or flight” wave state, and it quiets the ego. I literally meditate twice a day to give myself energy and to ground myself. It truly is so crucial to check in with yourself on a consistent basis! Check in with YOU -not your stories and ego. Meditation will save you time, give you energy and clarity, and allow in the messages The Universe is trying to send you :)

  5. Ask for help. This has been a big one for me. Before becoming an entrepreneur, I was never good at asking for help. I always tried to be self sufficient and do things on my own- but what a waste of time and energy! People are SO willing and able to help you, so if there is something you can’t figure out or need guidance on- get it! DM someone on Instagram. Email someone who has a blog you love and ask for advice. There are so many people that have done what you want to do, so connect with people and network- don’t try to do everything on your own!

  6. Talk to your loved ones and friends - often. This might seem like a random one, but going along with number 5, I found out quickly that the necessity to be self-sufficient is silly. When I was having a bad day or feeling lost, I started to turn to friends and family and be really open and honest with what was going on. Sometimes a hug from your significant other or a call to your Mom will brighten your day. Don’t seclude yourself in your world of “must.get.shit.done!” Instead, with your newly open schedule, spend more time with loved ones.

  7. Speaking of spending more time with loved ones…Work smarter, not harder. Many of us want to be our own bosses so that we can have the freedom to spend more time with loved ones and friends, the freedom to travel, and freedom to do more of the things we love! SO, ALLOW yourself to do just that! I can attest to the fact that it will seem, because you’re officially in charge of your income, like you have to grind, grind, grind, but if you have read and heard anything I have talked about before, it’s JUST as important to do what makes your Soul feel good. If working makes your Soul feel good, then totally do it! Just remember to allow yourself to keep balance between fun and work :)

  8. Follow other people on social media that are doing what you want to do! If you want to be a successful Life Coach, follow successful Life Coaches on social media. If you want to be an independent personal trainer, follow trainers with their own businesses. If you want to be an influencer, follow influencers that inspire you! Follow people that you can learn from and get motivation and ideas from! Don’t allow yourself to compare-because everyone is in different places- but do allow yourself to learn and be inspired!

  9. Have a Coach. When I first started my company, I realized just how many false beliefs I had that were holding me back. When you are putting yourself out there, you really learn about what you think, feel and believe. Talking to someone who will help you to learn about yourself, who will call you out, and who will help you find and address limiting beliefs and stories is so crucial. The amount of time and amount of potential action that one can take as an entrepreneur can be overwhelming, so having an outlet to check-in with helped me more than I can say!

  10. Invest in blue light blocking glasses. Computers, and phones, and screens- oh my! Between engaging on Facebook and Instagram on my phone , writing on my blog, editing my podcast on my computer, and answering emails, my eyes needed a BREAK. I realized soon into using my screens all day erryday that I would need some protection for my eyes. What I did not know, was that the blue light blocking glasses I have not only protect my eyes, but have also mediated my headaches, as I am not straining my eyes as much! If you are going to be looking at screens throughout the day (which must be like 99% of us), I cannot recommend more investing in a pair of these glasses!

    * I got my blue light blocking glasses from :) I chose the Meru style in Burnt Bourbon. You can use “CaSee5” at checkout for $5 off!

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And there you have it, friends! I hope that these tips help you out on your journey! If you have anymore tips for everyone reading this, totally leave them in the comments!

With all the love,


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