These Are a Few Of My Favorite Things: April ‘19

You know what is fun? THINKING about fun things, and thanking The Universe for them. So that is what I am doing here. I love seeing what other people are vibing with, so I figured I, too, would share the things that are bringing me the most joy this month!

  1. The Colorado mountains

  2. Traveling

  3. Watermelon Kombucha

  4. One Republic (Feel Again & Counting Stars, specifically)

  5. Journaling (gratitude nightly, affirmations daily, writing occasionally)

  6. Tulum, Mexico

  7. Not doing intense workouts or cardio

  8. Food shopping at Trader Joe’s

  9. Watching movies

  10. Naps

  11. Oat milk or coconut milk cold brew (Has to be good, or I ain’t drinking it)

  12. Massages

  13. (Short) Nature walks with loved ones

  14. Buffalo cauliflower

  15. Gamma Waves meditation

  16. Taking photos

  17. My Athleta Joggers

  18. Not giving a fuck (about the opinion of others or my ego tbh)

  19. FRUIT (Papaya and Mango AYO)

  20. LaCroix (Pomegranate)

  21. Exploring new places

  22. Cuddling with Lyndsay (my girlfriend)

  23. Going with the flow

  24. Candles

  25. My Young Living diffuser (fave blend right now: Lavender & Thieves)

  26. Less alone time than usual; more hang time with friends and family

  27. Warm breezes

  28. Ceiling fans (so random but I love them lol)

  29. Pit bulls

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