Morning Rituals


Hi friends!

Today, when I woke up grumpy (my girlfriend can vouch for me on this one), I started almost immediately with the stories about why I was irritated and tired. I didn't sleep in my own bed, I missed my spin class, it was cloudy, blah blah blah. After about a minute of whining, I finally was like "yo homegirl check yoself"-and that is just what I did. I began to override my grouchy thoughts with lovely ones full of gratitude and affirmations and excitement. I got up, made a matcha, and aligned my thoughts. Since I have never done a post on morning rituals, I decided it was time.

In this post, I want to share all of my favorite habits to start the day, as well as my ONE vital tip to getting your day started as the most badass, kind, aligned YOU that you can be.

Now, before I get into the habits I love doing in the morning, I want to stress a few important things:

  1. Not every ritual in my list happens every morning. If I know I can only squeeze in a few things, I opt for meditation for my mind&spirit and a walk for my body. 
  2. EVERY single morning is going to be different, and EVERY single morning something different may get me into alignment. I repeat: EVERY day is going to be different. Some days you may wake up exhausted and flat out not want to workout or walk. So why force it? The whole point of morning rituals is to get your day started with whatever is going to make you feel the most energized/amazing for the rest of the day.  Your rituals do not always have to be the same, so don't freak yourself out over it. Find a few you like, and do at least ONE of them every morning for routine-sake (we humans like routine), but DON'T get upset with yourself if you can't make a matcha, go to Soul Cycle, meditate, journal about life, write down affirmations, write down your list of gratitude, eat a well rounded breakfast, and call your Mom all before 7 AM
  3. If you are traveling, plan ahead, and still allow yourself to do some of your rituals. Bring your journal, bring your own matcha, leave yourself some time in the morning before BAE wakes up- that way you can get in your groove still. Just because you are traveling doesn't mean you shouldn't/can't do the morning things you love.
  4. You may have to wake up a little earlier if your morning is already crammed. Suck it up and do it. Go to bed ten minutes earlier instead of scrolling on your phone or watching Netflix. I know it isn't easy (my mind always fights me because it wants to stay up late and continue scrolling), but when your day starts off GREAT the next day it'll be so worth it.

Okay, so nowwww that I have all of that out of the way, here are some of the rituals that I love that get me into alignment and ready to tackle the day:

  1. Meditation. Meditation at some point in my day is absolutely non-negotiable. I have learned that for me, it is best not to do itdirectly upon waking, but an hour or so after. Sometimes this means I am meditating in my car. Sometimes I get to do it at the house after I drop the kids I nanny for after school. Regardless of at what point in the morning I do it, it is always before I take "action" or do work of any kind. It gets me feeling good, gives me energy, connects me to my Higher Self (don't scoff, it's true), and inspires me. I could go on and on, but I will save that for a meditation post.
  2. A beverage. No, no, not an adult beverage, but any type of beverage that I am feeling that day. As part of my morning ritual, I have some to realize that like most of us, I LOVE having something to sip on while writing emails and doing work. My fave go-to? MATCHA. It doesn't make me jittery, nor does it give me a tummy ache like coffee often does. My energy is sustainable, and it doesn't have a crash, so that is why I love it. Some days, I won't want any caffeine to give my adrenals a break, so I will opt for a golden milk latte or simply water with lemon.
  3. WATER. Speaking of beverages: water. This is so ingrained in my morning routine that I don't even think about it anymore. No better feeling than to hydrate upon awakening. It also helps me "flush my system" (TMI but it's true) which seriously just gets my body and gut feeling great, and allows me to start the day feeling light and fresh.
  4. Gratitude. Every morning, I think of at least ONE thing I am grateful for. If I wake up tired and pissy, I have trained myself to almost immediately stop myself and go on a little mental rampage of things, people, places I am grateful for. Some people write it down which is super cool, but that has never stuck for me. Regardless- thinking and feeling grateful is still a sure-fire way to start your day right.
  5. Tongue scraping, teeth brushing, and face washing. I almost didn't include this one because it seems so obvious, but then I realized a lot of people don't have a tongue scraper, so I figured I would share. Every morning, I use a tongue scraper before brushing my teeth to scrape away the buildup that occurs on the tongue (you'd be shocked and maybe see how much gets scraped off). My mouth feels TEN times more clean, and it is the best way to start off my day feeling fresh ta death. I also wash my face with a simple oil (Jojoba oil is my go-to) for a light cleanse and some moisture. Feeling fresh and clean is crucial to starting the day right :)

And there ya have it! My fave morning rituals!

And as for my top tip? EVERY morning, CHECK.YO.THOUGHTS. Check yo thoughts.If you are being a whiny brat upon waking up, stop yourself AS SOON as you can, and be like wait....but I woke up. Wait... but I woke a bed. With clothes. And food to eat for breakfast. And an iPhone to check. And a job to go to(don't care if you don't like it, find the silver lining or quit lolz), etc. YOU and you only control your thoughts, meaning you and you only control your day :)

So here is to making us all morning people!




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