Recovery. A word we see on Instagram a lot, and hear sometimes in the wellness space. I have been on my path to recovery for over 10 years, whether I knew it or not. At the age of 12, just a little girl, I started to call myself fat. From that day forward, my worth was in my weight; my life was enveloped by self inflicted judgement of how I looked or didn’t look. 99% of my energy has gone to eating or not eating, “deserving” food or not deserving food, starving and making myself sick. Moments of recovery have come more and more as of late, but tonight I had the breakthrough. I love the little girl who unfortunately was told at a young age to watch what she ate. And I am that little girl. I am ready to recognize that my purpose is now to be fulfilled. I am here to help people, to speak to people, to help them change their lives. This I know. But I had to change mine first. And for the first time tonight I cried and out loud told myself how much I loved me. How worthy I am. How beautiful I am.... and how it is time. It is time to let go of those beliefs and restrictions and live and allow. So for anyone who struggles in any way, just know how much you are loved. Just KNOW how damn worthy you are. Life is ready to be lived. Your purpose is ready for you to fulfill. You just have to love yourself enough to allow yourself to do it.


With all of the love,



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