There's nothing like a good massage, right? Well...turns out there's another less expensive and more telling (I'll explain what I mean by that) option that I have recently come to be obsessed with, and that obsession is cupping.

When I showed up to my last acupuncture session with my amazing acupuncturist Nicole, I mentioned that I was having low back problems that were limiting me in my yoga practice. She suggested we do just a few cups on my low back to see if it helped/if I liked it, and after having a phenomenal yoga class that night, I was hooked. 

Nicole was kind enough to send me a breakdown of how she used the cups on me, so I figured I would share that rather than try to explain it in my own words (aka butcher the explanation and turn you off from it lol). 

In my session, we used the cups 2 ways:

  1. Musculoskeletal: To bring blood flow and circulation to the fatigued and sore muscles, release tightness, and reduce inflammation or swelling.
  2. To tonify my organ and qi imbalances: We focused on points on the back that correlate with Liver and Spleen. We also added heart in there for emotions and joy, because who doesn't love to be happy?
My back directly after my session. Don't mind the bathroom selfie and TP lolz.

My back directly after my session. Don't mind the bathroom selfie and TP lolz.

One thing that has been consistent throughout my acupuncture and cupping sessions has been my liver and spleen imbalances. The spleen imbalance more or less means I worry and think too much; that I have "monkey brain." This is preeeeetty accurate, which is why meditation is my savior and I steer clear of caffeine for the most part. Physically, it means digestive weakness-which, as we all know-I have also struggled with. The liver imbalance and "liver qi stagnation" translates to feeling stuck; not fulfilling inner purposes and desires. This is also spot on, because only as of late have I been really following my heart and gut and allowing myself to do what is best for ME. I am also working on being less hard on myself on days where I don't feel as though I was "productive."

As you can see, there are spots on my back that are darker than others. The darker the spot, the more stagnation in that area. The darkest parts on me correlate to what I described above, and also mean that I need more "grounding" (less in my head, more in the moment).

Why I love cupping and acupuncture is because while it helps you physically, you also learn so much about yourself spiritually. You really get to see where you are at energetically, what you can work on, what you can release.  You leave feeling better in the mind, the body, AND the spirit... which is why I can't recommend it enough.

For the record by the way...neither acupuncture nor cupping hurts! I even got my Mom to get some cupping with me and she LOVED it (and she is not NEARLY as "woo woo" as I am lol). 

So there ya have it. Why you should get some cupping done. If you have any other questions about it feel free to let me know of course, and we can chat!

Also, if you are in the Boston area, feel free to mention me to Nicole at Inner Sage Acupuncture for 20% off an intake appointment (which includes accunpunture) and for 15% off a 30 minute cupping session! I will link Nicole's site below for anyone who is interested in a session or more info or just has questions for her because she is amazing :) 

Happy cupping!!


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