What I've Been Doing Since Leaving My Full-Time Job

Occupation: Healing.

Two months has gone by since I left my full-time position as a nanny...aka, two months have gone by since: I have had income in the form of a steady paycheck coming in, I have been able to "tell people what I do", and since I had a set schedule every single week. In those two months, not one day has gone by without at least a little confusion (and believe you me- there are days when I am confused ALL Day). Some nights I cannot sleep. I have woken up at 1 am only to end up having a panic attack. I have felt disoriented, unsure, and uncomfortable...and I would not change one bit of it for the world.

I am telling you this because I think and can feel that a paradigm shift is happening in our world-particularly America. People are starting to realize that 70 hour work weeks and 6 hours of sleep and 8 shots of espresso a day aren't something to brag about. People are starting to realize that happiness is the goal. People are starting to crave fulfillment and purpose and love.  I am one of those people. I am one of those people who was feeling stuck (i.e. my inner being wanted expansion but I wasn't moving my life along) but took a leap of faith and fear,  and I want to tell you that it is okay to just....heal. 

It's funny because when people would ask me what I do, literally up until this week, I would say a small list of things I could be- that I am qualified to be- but that I don't love nor honestly do much...because I felt the need to fill the blank and give them a "normal" answer. But I realized that I am not doing anything right now besides figuring.it.out. I am not doing much right now besides retraining my body to be in a state of knowing and calm and ease and love rather than constantly being in a state of anxiety and fight-or-flight. I now try to keep my my brain being in high delta states to a minimal. I now drink less caffeine and get more sleep to give my adrenals a break. I now walk on the beach because it makes me stupid happy. I now consciously train my ESP and flow with my intuition. I now receive Reiki healing, get Rapid Transformation Therapy, and do yoga on the reg. And I now make money by manifesting it and manifesting situations in which me making money will arise. Oh, and I also ask for help. A lot of it.

I am telling you this because who the EFF cares what our title is when our state of BEING is less than amazing? I am telling you this because if someone cares more about YOUR title than you do then they can kick rocks (just telling it like it is, ya feel me?).

My occupation right now is healing and clearing my slate. My occupation is connecting to Source and being a Divine Creator- one who consciously creates every moment deliberately and with joy. My occupation right now is seeing what works with my body and mind and what does not. And my occupation right now has NOTHING to do with who I am, deep deep down. I am. That is it. And so are you. You are. 

Let's all "work" towards healing and loving, and the world will be a more creative, vibrant, calm, beautiful, fun, abundant place.

Love you all to the moon and back,


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