Caffeine: Why We're Just Friends With Benefits


Last week, I decided to post my intentions for the month to IG. There were a lot of them, but of them all, my "No coffee" intention was the one that got the most feedback-per usual. Whenever I talk on my stories or in a caption about no coffee or a break from caffeine, people are always SO I figured I would write a short post about it.

Basically, I see caffeine as a fun little "pick-me-up" once in awhile-but nothing I want to commit to ;) If I hear about a new coffee shop or find somewhere with great matcha, it is a nice little treat to have, and somewhere fun to do my work. That being said, however, I do not like to have it everyday for a plethora of reasons, all relative to me. One of the main reasons is because I know that my adrenals do not need the caffeine everyday. When we give our bodies caffeine, it can essentially put us into an unnecessary fight-or-flight (we've all been there- the coffee anxiety or jitters). Back when I was frequenting caffeine, my acupuncturist told me my adrenals were fatigued, and I knew that was definitely a big player in why. I have also (again, subjectively) found that my hormones get a little out of whack when I have too much. I often get acne in the hormonal spots on my face when I have had coffee or matcha everyday for awhile. Maybe the most prominent reason why I keep things on a casual basis with caffeine, is that my digestion needs a break from it. Coffee can be too much on my stomach if I have it more than once a week...and while matcha is better, I don't really test the waters with having it too often. 

Overall, I don't love the idea of "needing" something to wake me up or to give me energy.  I like relying on the Universe-given, inherent energy that runs through my body. I like using food as fuel. Only last year, the only thing getting me out of bed was the thought of Starbucks...and that isn't cool. If I "need" a coffee, there is probably something else about my daily routine that I need to be taking a look at. And if coffee is the only thing that excites me enough to make me jump out of bed, then I have to take a look at my goals and passions and if I am pursuing them lol. Dramatic but kinda true.

Anywho, I know this was a shorter post than normal, and was kind of one big run-on thought, but I wanted to get this out because I wanted people who have thought about cutting back to not feel alone. Caffeine is SO "in" right now when you think about it, but I wanted to remind you it's okay to not drink it! It can be addicting, and it took me a year to finally break-up with the habit of having it daily, but I finally got to a point where I can have it one day then not even think about it the next. It's quite freeing and better for my wallet.

As always, I do not want to be just another voice in your head telling you what you should or shouldn't do. I just want to be an outlet for inspiration, and for you to know what works for me.

Do what works for you :)




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