Changing My Life: WHERE Do I Start?

It’s funny. A few years ago, when I started my journey towards happiness and fufillment- a better life- I must have read every blog post on “self love” and “change” there was. I did yoga, I listened to podcasts, and I read every single self-help book out there. While all of these things changed my life immensely, there was one thing I was not doing that was completely holding me back. Now, for that reason, whenever people tell me they want to change, then immediately say “but where the hell do I start?” I do not even hesitate with my answer:

With Awareness.

Awareness. This is the ONE thing I was missing the entire time I was trying to make changes in my life. This is the one thing I was missing while sitting paralyzed in my anxiety not know what to do or, conversely, while running around and staying busy being “productive.”

So what does that even mean? You might be reading this and thinking to yourself “of course I’m aware!”…… but are you?

Before you really answer that question, I want to tell you what I mean by awareness. What I mean by awareness, is being AWARE of every single thought that runs through our heads (which means not BEING our thoughts). Awareness means noticing what habits are no longer serving us and then working towards instilling new ones. Awareness is having ONLY positive, loving, motivating, inspiring self talk. Awareness is stopping yourself in the middle of a mental rant on something that is no longer useful to you.

Let’s talk about some examples that I have been working on as of late. For example, I am inviting myself to be more aware when I start scrolling on Insgtram to “buffer” out a feeling or put something off. When I am having a moment of indecision, I often find myself immediately opening up my apps to zone out, rather than facing what I need to be facing. Another example would be the self talk I have with myself. Every single time I look in the mirror and hear a not so nice thought, I am aware and IMMEDIATELY affirm over it (This goes something like “Woah your arms look like they could use some work” becoming “You arms are strong and you are beautiful”). Being aware means noticing that I am relying far too heavily on caffeine and don’t have enough inherent energy and thus doing a mini detox from caffeine. Being aware means not talking about something or someone in a negative manner just to make conversation. Being aware means reframing EVERY “problem” into a lesson or a solution. Being aware means knowing what your dream life is and ensuring you are nourishing your soul and taking steps towards achieving and allowing in your dreams. Being aware means looking at your bank account every single day, even when it is in the negatives, and getting inspired and happy about the money you will allow in/make. Being aware means eating or not eating to nourish and take the utmost care of your body.

So are you aware? Are you truly, deeply aware-or at least aware that you are trying to BE more aware!? These are questions to ask yourself, and awareness is something we can all alllllllways be working towards.

Do you want change? It starts with awareness ;)

Talk soon,



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