Once upon a time, the American Dream consisted of a large house in a beautiful neighborhood with a white picket fence and luxury cars in the driveway-work hard, live comfortably. Now, as our times have been changing immensely and rapidly, another dream for a lot of people has become to pack up their (not neccesarily) luxury cars and travel across our beautiful country.




When my girlfriend Lyndsay and I started dating over a year and a half ago, she prefaced our relationship with the disclaimer “I just want to warn you, I plan to move to California within the next 2 years.” Little did she know that this was not a deal breaker, but a deal MAKER (lame line hahah but I had to). We don’t remember when exactly we decided decided that we were going to travel across the country and move to California, but we do know that we didn’t have anything “in order” yet. We made the biggest decision of our lives and then began to figure things out…and sometimes that is the KEY to following your dreams.

You see, so many of us deeply want to start something new, end something old, see unfamiliar places, meet people, experience different things, etc. We get the inspired thought, become filled with a childlike and innocent excitement, then get bogged down by the “figuring it out” or “getting ready.”

But what we need to realize is that we aren’t ever really going to be ready…because there is no such thing as ready.

We will never be ready for the biggest and scariest and most amazing things that we are going to do in this life, but just because they may be uncomfortable and unknown and downright emotionally disruptive at times (cognitive dissonance , ya know?) we MUST venture on! You know that saying “Everything you could ever want is on the other side of fear”? Well it’s TRUUUU.

Once Lyndsay and I made our decision, we then began to get things in order as best we could, while also still being present in our lives. For me, that even meant trusting the Universe so deeply that I left my full-time job (aka steady income) to go-full time pursuing this blog, my podcast, and my Life Coaching. While I could have waited to take the leap for the sake of making money, I trusted that waiting to do so would not do my Soul any good. I trusted my plan and trusted that money would come. And it did. Though we did not have nearly as much as we thought we would have leaving (not only was travel money necessary, we would also need first month’s rent and all of that good stuff), we still knew it was our time to go. We knew/know it will all workout and fall into place, and that trust and good feeling is what will attract everything we want our way.

If you can be in tune with your gut, and feel good, and feel connected to Source (The Universe, God, whatever), then you can do whatever you want to do. You really have to pull a Nike and just do it.

And so, we are off. We are off to follow our dreams, see the country, and rediscover ourselves- reinvent ourselves. This trip is not only about learning, but also about unlearning. I plan to unlearn everything that is not serving me and allow myself to be on my time and in the flow with the Universe completely, because how often do we get that chance?

I will be updating this page and my Instagram, as well as my podcast, along the way, so follow along with the adventure if you’re into it! I will also be Coaching still as we travel, and will be making time for new clients! So, if there is something you want to change or do in your life that you are unsure about and need someone to talk to about it all with, totally reach out and set up your consultation- I would love to chat!

But overall: If you want something, go after it. Take the leap. Follow the dream. Pack up the car. The rest will follow if you can just trust in The Universe. I promise.

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