Tulum 2019: Reality or a Dream?

Tata Beach Resort in Tulum

Tata Beach Resort in Tulum

“IT WAS ALL A DREAM”… or at least, that is what my most recent trip to Tulum felt like. Could that really be me in this photo- Sipping out of coconuts in a sea salt pool ON the beach while getting PAID? Sometimes I look back and still can’t believe it. Over the past few years, I have been practicing meditation and Conscious creation (manifesting) and have had amazing results, but the unfolding of this trip to Tulum may have been the most magical yet. Why? Because everything about the planning and allowing of this trip was fun, hilarious, easy, and FAST.

Now, if you are reading this, I can only imagine that you are wondering ONE thing: HOW? How did this happen? How did I casually manifest this all-expense-paid trip to Tulum? How can YOU do it? While I won’t get into the nitty gritty of manifesting (my previous manifesting posts and manifesting course would be v helpful for that), I will show you what the BTS/minimal planning entailed.

It allllll started when I was on a walk with my Soul Sister, Claire (the photographer of the dope photos on this page), and we were talking about how we just.needed.summer. We were both feeling so good, daydreaming out loud to each other about life and goals, and naturally started to talk about warm weather and travel. Somehow during conversation, we decided we should go to Costa Rica. We decided. We did not plan, discuss finances, stress about flights- we just proclaimed (out into The Universe) “We are going to Costa Rica.” We started to have so much fun talking about what we would do there, how it would feel, why we wanted to go. We talked about how cool it would be to have it paid for by our work, because we didn’t want to (and couldn’t) pay a dime. Again, not stressing or nitpicking details, just fluidly discussing in conversation. Later that week after we had spent a few days checking out hotels, I realized Costa Rica didn’t feel quuuuiiiite right. The idea was good, but we weren’t spot on with the destination. Then, out of nowhere, my mouth blurted out Tulum. I can truly say I don’t think that came from my brain, because I am not sure I have ever had a single thought about Tulum (lol), but IMMEDIATELY we knew- Tulum it would be. So we got to “work,” aka to taking inspired action.

For about a week, we reached out to hotels, spas, resorts, and brands we wanted to collaborate with. In the beginning, we were kind of blindly emailing any and everyone, then realized we wanted to be intentional with who we were going to team up with. So, we got into vibrational harmony with the intention of our journey, and we emailed brands from there. This process was FUN. I will say that again for the people in the back: The process of planning Tulum was FUN (and stress free, minimal, easy, etc).

Also important to note, the entire time we were having fun planning this trip, we were also ACTING like we were going. We were saying thank you for the trip in our gratitude journals. We were watching YouTube videos on where we should go. We were visualizing the beach during meditation, and imagining the feeling of the sun on our faces. We never once questioned if we were going. We fully (yes, blindly) trusted.

Well, after a week, I kid you not, we had brands to work with that covered the expenses of our trips. We were also lucky enough to team up with Vacasa, a vacation home rental company (more on them below- highly recommend checking it out if you travel or want to!), for our stay. Now, BEFORE your mind starts to say we just got lucky because we both are content creators/ Claire is a photographer and I have a podcast, I want to you to realize this: You can manifest ANYTHING that you believe in. So, while you may not be doing podcast episodes and sponsored posts for brands, you CAN manifest the money for a trip. Maybe, depending on your job, you CAN work while you travel. I mean who knows, maybe you already have all the money you need! Keep in mind that Claire and I wanted to be paid for this trip because we are only now starting to allow in abundance, and literally couldn’t have afforded to go otherwise. But, AGAIN, we trusted, and so the resources came. THAT is the reality. We even ended up MAKING money on this trip, so no excuses, homies- you can do this, too.

So now, just to really break it down for you, I want to outline the steps that landed us with our feet in the sand, raw smoothies in our hands:

1) We were in alignment while chatting on a walk in nature, and the idea for travel felt inspired, natural, and fluid-not planned or overthought. The idea came from a place of alignment, not from a place of fear or NEEDINESS or scarcity.

2) We started to talk about how it would FEEL to be in warm weather and on the beach; how fun it would be to get away. We cultivated the feeling before we were even there.

3) We proclaimed what we wanted (a trip to Tulum that would not only be paid for, but also lucrative) , out loud, to The Universe/Source/God/etc.

4) We started to DECIDE on details, not stress about circumstances. We would walk and get coffee and have fun and get into alignment, then continue the fun by emailing people. The entire process was fun. if something felt forced, we backed off from it.

5) We acted AS IF we were going, because we truly believed it. We planned outfits and did our research. We had fun. We felt the gratitude for it BEFORE it even happened. We visualized it. We did NOT question ourselves. We thought about it when it felt good, we released thinking about it when it did not.

6) Once we did the inspired work, we let it go. We literally sent some emails then waited to see if it would unfold. We did not overthink it, we did not freak out that it might not happen, we just…had faith.

7) The pieces fell into place, and we were so thankful. We held the vibration of gratitude, we thanked The Universe, and so it was.

Claire and I were a match to the dream of playing in the waves of Tulum because we believed we were. We became the match to it vibrationally. From the first thought of travel, to the actual arrival in Mexico, stretched over a timespan of just over 3 weeks. 3 weeks. Because we trusted. Because it was fun. Because we had the idea, then let it go; detached from the outcome. Can you trust fully before the physical manifestation of your dream comes to fruition? Because that is the only way TO bring it to the physical- by being a match to it. And I am so damn thankful Claire and I figured that out as a team before this.

Above: The top of the Penthouse suite we had in Tulum through Vacasa vacation rentals.  Below: Just some of the beautiful photos from our amazing place booked with  Vacasa in Tulum!

Above: The top of the Penthouse suite we had in Tulum through Vacasa vacation rentals.

Below: Just some of the beautiful photos from our amazing place booked with Vacasa in Tulum!

vacasa vibes.jpg

As for our stay with Vacasa, well, I do not have enough words for how amazing it was. Not only did we get to stay in a Penthouse with sunset rooftop views, a hot tub, an outdoor shower, and air conditioning, but we also arrived to a welcome package of fruits, wines, and crackers. The best part of Vacasa, for me, was the access to our host the ENTIRE time. When you book through Vacasa, you are setup with a specific host. They meet you at your rental, show you the space, and tell you alllll the best spots for food, drinks, dancing, beaching, etc. Because they are hosts through Vacasa, rather than homeowners like with AirBNB, it is a little less…awkward to be honest. Our host Ophelia was absolutely amazing, and was available on WhatsApp at anytime through our stay- which was so helpful. If we had ANY questions, she was SO quick to answer. If we needed a recommendation, she sent over TONS. She was so helpful and kind, and it was so nice to connect with someone who made us feel at home. I have travelled…a LOT… but I truly have to say, that Vacasa is the way to go if you are looking to stay somewhere beautiful and have the help of a host while you are there. A special thanks to Vacasa for partnering with us, as I could not be more grateful for the beautiful places they have to offer!

Well, that is a wrap on the manifestation of Tulum, friends! I hope you enjoyed my summary of how we did it. It truly is as simple as you let it be.

Happy dreaming!

With love and gratitude,


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