What is a Coach?


As a Coach, I am someone who is going to help women to understand that their minds are for creating, not for negative self chatter. I specialize in helping women who struggle with anxiety to take back power over their lives by helping you determine the root of false and limiting stories and beliefs. We will uncover habits that are no longer serving you and put change in motion. Whether you want a job you love, want to manifest a Soul mate, want to stop over-eating and lose weight, or simply be happier- a Coach is definitely for you.

I help clients utilize tools such as awareness, meditation and emotional responsibility to get in touch with their deepest, truest Self, and their true desires.

Often, people do not even know what their dream lives would be, or what thriving would feel like, because they are so caught up in their routine and the "same old."  Life is too short for the "same old." You are meant to be healthy and fit and glowing and healthy and JOYFUL. If you aren't, Coaching is for you.

You DESERVE to be happy and rich and full of joy and live in a body you love. You DESERVE to enjoy food when you eat-not feel ashamed or guilty.  You DESERVE to be with someone who lights you up. You DESERVE to make money doing what you are passionate about. 

Life is meant to be lived, not coasted through. We are meant to grow and expand and learn, not stay the same and do the same. The world is meant to be seen. Money is meant to be had. Experiences are to be enjoyed. 

I can help you move forward. I can help you get un-stuck. I can help you love your life. I can help you be the best YOU. 

Let's do this.


* 1 on 1 Coaching Sessions and Packages (Phone calls).

*Group Coaching. If you and a group of friends or family members would like to receive Coaching, you can split the cost of a Group package (Zoom conference calls).

*Manifesting&Meditation Courses: See course tab.

*For rates and more info, click the "Schedule" button at the bottom of the page! I am happy to offer payment plans and other options if you cannot afford sessions right now.